JACKSONVILLE—St. John & Partners Advertising & Public Relations has launched Inside Media, a media-training course that provides clients with a behind-the-scenes look at how news media really work, and how organizations and their spokespersons can communicate through the media more effectively. 

The media-training program is led by St. John media relations specialists Jay Solomon and Patrick McSweeney, who offer decades of experience as reporters, editors, and news directors, and as public relations counselors. The course includes documentary-style videos showing how the news is produced, and interviews with reporters and editors as they tell how the media define news and provide tips on getting a story told in the best possible manner.

“Because of the relationships we have with the media, our team was given unfettered access to go behind the scenes with cameras to develop Inside Media, shadowing reporters, producers, editors and news executives as they covered the news,” said Dan St. John, chairman and CEO.

Leo Bottary, vice president and director of public relations, stresses the emphasis on how a newsroom operates. “The better you understand how the media work, the better equipped you’ll be to utilize them as a valuable communications tool,” he says. “The insights Jay and Pat have acquired in media markets around the country will empower our clients and give them a competitive edge in presenting their message clearly through the news media.”

The course is directed toward senior level executives, corporate public relations and communications specialists, and others who are likely to work directly with the news media.

Jay Solomon was previously news director at Channel 17, then WJKS-TV (ABC) for six years. Patrick McSweeney worked for newspapers in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and has covered stories as a radio reporter for AP Radio News, NBC and National Public Radio.