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At FutureM in Boston this week, Jim Speros, EVP of communications and advertising at Fidelity Investments, gave a keynote on the "golden thread" that connects ideas and insights based on understanding the human condition.

He made the case that within ten years, using analytics will no longer be a marketing differentiator because, by then, nearly every company will have the technological capabilities to do this. And ultimately, it’s knowing the difference between observations and insights that will set "the winners" in this phase of brand engagement.

He laid out four examples of brands delving into the human condition to tell their stories. The first was a retro AT&T ad from the mid-90s that, with eerie precision, forecasted the technological advances that would unfold over the next decade or so.

The second example was Dove’s hugely popular Real Beauty Sketches ad that addresses the media's impact on women’s self perceptions.

Speros pointed to Coca-Cola’s Small World Machines ad that applied the "open happiness" tag to the longstanding -- often violent --  tensions between  India and Pakistan.

He also showcased his own Fidelity’s Saving for Skydiving vignette.