SAN FRANCISCO — Genetic testing company Counsyl has brought on Golin as it restructures to focus more on its relationships with clinicians and medical providers.

The IPG-owned Golin won the business in its San Francisco-office from incumbent Allison & Partners with a brief that includes a monthly retainer, plus additional project fees.

Alyssa Reiter, VP of marketing at Counsyl, told the Holmes Report the business is looking to distinguish itself as a company that not only provides genetic testing, but also counseling. The tests that Counsyl offers include genetic testing around family planning, fetal development and cancer screening.

“We’re looking to inspire new behavior around DNA testing,” she said. “There is a whole range of actions that people can take with the information, there’s a real benefit around knowing.”

Last month, Counsyl trimmed its 400-person workforce by 6% to "structure the company around advancing our relationships with clinicians and medical providers” the CEO said in a statement. 

Golin’s Aris Lazdins noted, the firm’s work will focus on telling narratives around Counsyl’s innovation as a Silicon Valley company, the benefits of counseling with genetic testing and raising awareness among the provider community.

Image: Counsyl's founders