The program developed around Glade’s first-ever entry into the Tournament of Roses Parade consisted of two objectives.  The primary objective was to generate national media coverage and commentator coverage of Glade’s float, the USS Fragrance Machine during the Tournament of Roses parade telecast.  The second objective was to build brand awareness for the first-ever Glade-sponsored float.
The challenge and opportunity set forth upon the execution of the program was as follows: Break through the visual clutter of the Tournament of Roses festivities with the USS Fragrance Machine, Glade’s first-ever entry into the parade.
Planning Process: To create excitement about Glade’s USS Fragrance Machine entry in the parade, the course of action started more than six months out.  A scent survey was conducted on the SC Johnson web site to determine consumer’s favorite Glade fragrance.  A three-tier teaser mailing was developed to entice key media and to initiate interest in the USS Fragrance Machine.  After each teaser mailing, extensive follow-up to key media was carried out.
In order to grab the attention of the media and generate national media coverage and commentator coverage, we developed a variety of media angles.  The media were offered a look behind-the-scenes of float building, float decoration and interviews with the Master Fragrance Machine Maker, Beakman played by Paul Zaloom from Beakman’s World.
Developed and utilized a three-tier teaser mailing, which was mailed to key TV and print outlets, both nationally and in LA, Chicago, and Milwaukee.  (See enclosed copies)
Delivered mini-version floats of the Glade USS Fragrance Machine to national television networks.
Called producers at all national TV and local LA TV outlets on a daily basis two weeks prior to January 1 to find out their plans for coverage and pitch them to cover our float.
Produced B-roll of the float-building process.  Offered video footage to TV outlets nationwide by feeding b-roll three times via satellite prior to the parade.
Distributed clever media packages consisting of Glade candle, T-shirt and press information to the Rose Parade media room.
Media trained Paul Zaloom, who is, to be Master Fragrance Maker, as well as various SC Johnson representatives to be prepared for any and all interviews.
Maintained on-site attendance at the float warehouse where camera crews would shoot footage of the float building process.  Encouraged Glade float coverage with interesting statistics, interviews with volunteers and insights from the float manufacturer himself, Tim Estes.
Conducted special LA media push.  Secured entry into network booths and discussed the Glade float with key producers.  Distributed Glade T-shirts to on-air personalities.
Conducted an aggressive media relations effort.
The campaign has generated more than 137 mm media impressions to date, which is 117% of the goal of 115 mm.
The Glade USS Fragrance Machine received outstanding television coverage.  We garnered extensive coverage, on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and HGTV.  Television coverage also included nearly 90 local market stories with strong b-roll pick up in Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Denver, Phoenix and San Diego.
Print coverage started with the December 18, 2000 Newsweek article.  To date, we have over 40 newspaper placements and 3 on-line stories in markets such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Milwaukee.  We are still receiving copies of print articles.
CPM: $1.73