GoldPocket Interactive (GPi) is a leading provider of technology that enables massive interactive events online.  BSMG Worldwide developed a media relations campaign to launch the Live Trivia game show, a first demonstration of the company’s technology platform Event Martix which allows millions of people to participate in real time Web-based events on an unprecedented scale.
BSMG Worldwide developed an extensive media relations campaign for GPi involving outreach to national and local media.  Our goals and objectives were to entice consumers (18 years and older) to sign up for and play the trivia game every Sunday night online, as well as communicate the message that GPi’s site hosts the largest online interactive event ever. 
The most challenging part of the assignment was there was already extensive media coverage of similar events including recent coverage of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”  Coverage of these types of games really peaked before we made our announcement.  But our strategy was clear.  We had a unique technology – which for the first time enables millions of people to participate in real-time Web-based events on a single Web site.  Anyone who has a computer could log on Sunday night for a chance to win a million dollars.  Prior to the first game, we reached out to technology media and entertainment media who would be interested in covering the Live Trivia game show.  We also approached the specific geographic market where the first winner was located as well as national media outlets on the successful first game. 
Prior to the first game, we pitched GPi’s executives as innovators who created this revolutionary new technology that will enable millions to participate in real time interactive events. Coverage prior to the first game created hype about the technology and the game itself.
With the success of the first game and a winner who’s story was quite remarkable we decided that one of the morning shows was the best venue to talk about this new technology and a fun game that will change the way people interact online. The winner lived in a very modest town, took care of both her ailing parents and played the game on an assembled homemade computer.  The combination of the technology and human interest story appealed to “Good Morning America” and so producers decided to have Diane Sawyer interview the CEO of GoldPocket Interactive and the first million dollar Gold Live Trivia Game Show winner.
The placement could not have been better.  Both Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer talked about the game, the CEO of the company and the winner’s story prior to the live interview.  The five minute segment included details about how to sign up and play the game, the rules, what the technology is all about and how playing the game has changed one woman’s life.  As Diane Sawyer interviewed the CEO of GPi and the first million-dollar winner, even she was amazed with the technology and the winner’s compelling story.
With an estimated audience of 2,500,000, “Good Morning America” was one of the perfect outlets to reach a large number of people to tell them about this trivia based game and that anyone with a computer has a chance to win one million dollars every week.  With the live interview on GMA we were extremely successful in getting our message out about the game, reaching out to consumers and enticing consumers to sign up for and play the Live Trivia Game show.   In fact, before our PR effort, only a few hundred people had signed up to play but, with the positive media coverage on the live trivia game, estimated sign up reached into hundreds of thousands of people.