CHICAGO—GolinHarris and its recently acquired Virgo Health unit have launched go digital health, a new global practice. go digital health merges Virgo’s healthcare experience with the digital expertise and insight of Architect, an interactive team within GolinHarris to create meaningful connections in the healthcare market.

The launch comes at a time when consumers are increasingly engaged in managing their health through online platforms. In a survey conducted as part of the launch, more than 73 percent of respondents cited the internet as the first place they seek health information, before discussions with friends, family or a doctor.

The poll also showed that the top device for accessing health information was a laptop (44 percent), followed by a smartphone (29 percent), tablet and desktop (both 12 percent), with 70 percent of respondents using what they found online to self-diagnose. However, the survey also revealed a demand for greater customization: while 51 percent had downloaded an app to track or monitor their personal health, the ‘most wanted’ health gadgets would improve holistic health management and enable greater automation.

According to Emily Brooks, practice leader at go digital health, “We are no doubt seeing a boom in consumer engagement in digital health but as consumers become more accustomed to digital, they will demand more customization. In many ways we are already at a point of health app and information overload—something our survey participants picked up as one of the biggest frustrations with information online—so ensuring cut-through requires a smart approach.

go digital health has a team of more than 25 people offering full service in-house digital health marketing capability including strategy, creative, design and development, and social media.