CHICAGO — With the millennial workforce on the rise, Golin is offering clients a formal suite of services aimed at aligning companies’ internal cultures and communications so they are more reflective of the way people interact outside the corporate world.

Announced on Tuesday, Golin’s [email protected] initiative offers clients various services, from software platforms to training, designed to bolster workflow, efficiency, employee engagement, creativity and collaboration.

The initiative is centered around four key offerings, said Jeff Beringer, Golin’s global head of digital. Those offerings are Golin working with companies to create plans for change; implementing that change; fostering employee engagement; and transformation, which includes Golin working with specific business units on changing operations through communications platforms and the like.

Golin has offered many of the services under its [email protected] umbrella for years. Formalizing the initiative, however, comes at a time when companies, many of which invested big money in internal communications and workflow platforms, are grappling with how best to maximize them, if not replace them altogether, Beringer said.

“This is primarily about going into some of the biggest employers in the world and helping them change the way they work through progressive employee communications, engagement and technology,” he said.

It therefore is particularly fitting that Golin on Tuesday also announced a new partnership with Workplace by Facebook, a business communications platform that operates much like the non-commercial social media platform does.

Although Beringer said the initiative isn’t about selling clients particular software (Golin has numerous tech partners, he said), Workplace, which Golin has used since 2016, is notable in that using it comes "naturally" to next-gen employees.

“These are people who have been raised with iPhones in their hands,” Beringer said. “Their expectation when they come into a workforce is that the way they communicate in their personal lives is somehow represented in the way that they work.”

“What we are really doing at the heart of this is aligning what’s relevant to employers with the things that are relevant to their employees -- things like transparency and the sharing of ideas and freedom in the way they work that are part and parcel of the new workforce,” he added.