BOSTON—Technology public relations specialist Greenough Communications has launched a new digital communications group with the mission to enhance the quality of communications for businesses looking to reach customers, prospects, influencers, and employees. The new group offers webcast and video productions, web-site extensions, and interactive e-mail marketing programs that leverage the agency’s experience in corporate communications and marketing public relations. 

“With the combination of more pervasive enabling technologies and more sophisticated audiences, businesses have never had a better opportunity to enhance traditional marketing and communications programs with richer content that breaks through the clutter and engages the full spectrum of audiences,” says Phil Greenough, president of Greenough Communications.

“Our new Digital Communications Group possesses domain expertise in technical marketing, flexible implementation and pricing models, and enough successes to date that indicate we’ll stand out as a service provider not only to our clients but also to the broader marketplace.”

Industry veterans Matt Hegarty and Paul Greenough, who have more than 30 years of combined experience in technical marketing, lead the group. Hegarty is an expert in information technology management and will develop the tools and content for programs such as industry resource centers, which are content-rich extensions of corporate websites.

Paul Greenough, meanwhile, has staged a range of webcasts from simple 20-minute streaming video to sophisticated events that include live and backhauled video, product demonstrations and interactive elements. 

“Decision-makers are looking for innovative communications campaigns that go far beyond traditional, time-worn, routines,” says Hegarty. “Our digital communications products and services constitute ‘meta’ methodologies, integrating our industry knowledge with superior technical marketing strategies. We’re proud that we have helped wage success with a number of our clients to date, and we plan to extend our success beyond our current PR client-base.”