HONG KONG—Hill+Knowlton Strategies has introduced Flight School, its new comprehensive digital crisis simulation tool, in both English and Chinese. Flight School is H+K’s digital crisis simulation tool combining H+K communications training experts, proprietary simulation technology, customized materials, and long-running experience at planning, organizing and orchestrating crisis simulation drills.

Flight School was developed to address the fact that organizations must now respond to multiple stakeholders, efficiently and immediately, in the course of a crisis. Simulations use proprietary technology and the tool’s “dashboard” illustrates what would be happening on various digital channels, all designed to look and feel exactly like the real sites.

During the simulation, responses from stakeholders will come from the most realistic channels for the client’s business, including news articles, phone calls, email, online forums, Facebook, Sina Weibo or Twitter. Participants can issue a press release, write a blog post, post a photo or video, respond to clients on Sina Weibo, or craft a post for their Facebook page. F

“A rapidly evolving digital world has made it critical for companies to know how to behave and respond both on- and offline during a crisis,” says Denise Tom, director and senior trainer, risk management and crisis communication practice, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Asia. “Flight School offers the platform and training for organizations to equip themselves with necessary skillsets to manage and respond efficiently during a crisis.”