LONDON—Hill+Knowlton Strategies has launched the H+K HER (Helping Executives Rise), a program to support female employees.

Created to respond directly to feedback from staff of both genders, as well as to learn from other organisations, the program is designed to provide information, inspiration and support to female employees as they develop throughout their careers.

At launch it will consist of:

  • A mentorship programme for women in the consultancy with a mix of both female and male mentors from across the organization;
  • HER Views a platform for information and inspiration sharing;
  • Meet HER, a programme of events that showcases women in business;
  • SpeakHER a focused drive to increase the visibility of our own female talent within the industry.

“Without diversity in thinking; brand storytelling falls victim to ‘pattern recognition,’” said Richard Millar, UK CEO and global chair of creative strategy. “We see the world through a single point of view, and that point of view alone. In order to avoid the perpetuation of the pattern it’s important that women are represented at every level of seniority in all creative fields.”