SINGAPORE — H+K Strategies has launched a new Asian offering designed to mitigate risk, build reputation and accelerate growth as economies in the region reopen. 

The new 'I-Act Consultancy' categorizes businesses according to the different operating environments they face, ranging from 'failing or absent market', to 'evolved market' to 'new market. 

“As companies cycle through these changes, we believe that a communications foundation focused on risk, reputation and growth will continue to help brands achieve sustainable long-term business performance,"  said H+K Strategies Asia president HS Chung. "Businesses need to understand and respond to this environment in different ways and use communications as a tool to help them successfully adapt in this new business landscape."

The new offering brings together local regulatory expertise with global insights, focusing on three areas of business transformation — behavioural science, better impact (including citizenship and sustainability) and employee communications.