The program consisted of unveiling the Harley-Davidson V-Rod.  Unlike any other Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the V-Rod introduction brought a new dimension in reaching the public because it geled together two generations,of Harley riders.   A campaign that involved both the classic, loyal riders and the wave of new riders was synergized through the Weber Shandwick V-Rod introduction.


A challenge that Weber Shandwick faced throughout this campaign was seen in both the opportunities in drawing the attention of a new generation of riders and in keeping the traditional Harley-Davidson riders involved. 

Strategic Approach

Enlisting Colby Donaldson as a spokesperson—riding America’s “Survivor” craze—to lure in the new generation of riders.  Keeping the loyal Harley-Davidson riders interested involved featuring Willie G. Davidson, grandson of one of the Harley-Davidson founding fathers, and current styling chief who has cult status among motorcyclists.

Campaign Execution

In addition to unveiling the motorcycle at the Museum of Contemporary Art, more than 300 current Harley-Davidson owners were invited to be among the first to welcome the newest member of the Harley-Davidson family of motorcycles.  The chrome V-Rod, along with the museum and leather-clad crowd, including Colby Donaldson, served as the perfect backdrop for the b-roll footage.

A digital press kit included photos of the V-Rod, as well as explained the technical advancements incorporated in the development of the V-Rod.  For broadcast media, several national outlets were provided plant footage, as well as offered the opportunity to interview Willie G. Davidson on the day of the unveiling to spike consumer interest.

A select group of business and automotive writers were also offered the chance for an exclusive sneak peak at the new V-Rod.  These editors were provided press materials and access to photos and were able to print complete stories the day after the official launch.


· More than 256 million media impressions were generated, delivering a $0.23 CPM and achieving 284 percent of goal.  Results included:
· 647 television placements, including stories on CSB Evening News, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Early Show, the Today Show, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News Now
· Stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, and Popular Mechanics
· 487 national and international newspaper placements, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, National Post and The Times (London)
· 19 wire stories, including multiple photographs of the V-Rod
· 21 national radio stories, including NPR and two mentions on the Paul Harvey Show