In the new millennium, soymilk is the hot, new health beverage.  In early 2000, Morningstar Foods, Inc. launched Sun Soy, a refrigerated soymilk, as a new great tasting product for Americans looking to live a healthier lifestyle.  The launch was timely as, soybeans are being used in a variety of products, from drinks to peanut butter, and to supplement healthy diets.  Sun Soy also was to be available in grocery stores rather than only in health food stores.  Soy protein was also endorsed in the fall of 1999 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Sun Soy carries the FDA approval, as well as the American Heart Association’s certification seal.  

BSMG Worldwide/Southwest was charged with the task of making a splash and gaining national and local market media coverage, despite the many other new soy products on the market.


  • Provide marketing communications support during Sun Soy launch.
  • Gain national and local market media coverage.
  • Focus attention on product availability in mainstream grocery stores.


Implement a media relations campaign, including both traditional and online media, to capitalize on the “soy buzz” and to support local market sell-in.

Launch media campaign in February to coincide with American Heart Month (FDA statement on the Sun Soy packaging relates to the prevention of heart disease, Sun Soy also carries the American Heart Association’s certification seal.).


BSMG created a media kit to highlight Sun Soy’s proven taste results, introduce media and nutritionists to the new product and differentiate the product among the growing number of other soy products in the grocery store.  The media kit was designed to provide product information as well as background materials on health, nutrition, soy and Morningstar Foods.

The media kit included:

  • News Releases – provided an overview of the product launch, product information and quotes from Morningstar Foods executives
  • Trade release focused on the advertising/marketing campaign
  • Consumer release focused on local product availability and attributes
  • Question and Answer Sheet – answered questions that might be asked about Sun Soy, the FDA statement and labeling and the soy market
  • FDA News Release – provided background on the FDA’s statement on soy and Morningstar’s response to the announcement in fall of 1999
  • Fact Sheet – a quick reference guide with details about Sun Soy including flavors, sizes, health benefits and nutrients
  • Corporate Background and Executive Bios – provided information on Morningstar Foods, other products and background information on corporate executives, who would be available for interviews
  • Brochure – detailed specific health benefits of soymilk, tips and recipes for using Sun Soy
  • Product Photographs – color photographs provided for print media

The kit was developed using two different press releases, one for consumer and the other for trade.  The press kits were distributed to more than 300 media outlets in three phases: the first, to national consumer media including print, television and radio; second, to trade media including advertising, packaging, new product, retail and dairy publications; and finally, to targeted local markets.

Media kits were also distributed to a targeted list of influential nutritionists, medical doctors and health institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, for their newsletters.

The consumer news release and photo were distributed on the Internet Wire.  The agency also worked with a major supermarket chain to provide information to the corporate nutritionist for the chain’s Web site.

BSMG identified an opportunity to participate in a satellite media tour – focusing on heart healthy products.  The satellite media tour coincided with American Heart Month and resulted in more than 4 million branded media impressions.

Distribution of the Sun Soy media kits generated more than 51 million branded media impressions from February through May 2000.  The media kit currently is being used to target local markets.