BEIJING--The Hoffman Agency is seeking a new Asia-Pacific MD, following the departure of Chris Tang. 

Tang left the firm after almost five years in charge of its Asia-Pacific operations, a period characterised by stability and growth. She has since relocated to Australia with her family.

Agency founder Lou Hoffman told the Holmes Report that discussions over whether Tang could continue in the role while based in Australia ultimately proved fruitless. North Asia VP Shingo Nomura has been named interim regional MD while the firm searches for Tang's successor.

"While the agency enjoyed strong growth under Chris’ leadership, I don’t think the numbers tell the total story," said Hoffman. "Chris played a key role in the agency evolving into a true global organization. For example, our VP of global operations, Lydia Lau, sits in Hong Kong, not the US."

Hoffman added that the firm's growth since 2008 means a slightly different regional MD is now required. Specifically, he noted that the "business side of the role is just as important as the communications side - which wasn’t the case five years ago."

"We’re often competing against huge agencies," he pointed out." We’re not going to win on brute strength. How do we take our assets and strengths – not just in Asia but across the globe – to bring unique services to our clients?"

"Our new MD needs the business acuity and I suppose a bit of bravery to chart this course."