SAN FRANCISCO — Hotwire has added four new data and analytics offerings in keeping with the agency’s new heightened focus on expanding services and global growth.

The new services are AccountIQ, designed to help clients optimize engagement with key accounts and promote sales and marketing success with a dedicated hub for ABM programs; AudienceIQ, which identifies how to target and engage priority audiences through intent and AI-driven behavioral insights; CommsIQ, which shows the impact of communications programs; and PerformanceIQ, which access in-depth analytics for demand generation and advertising programs.

“Measurement has been at the core of the value Hotwire provides clients, and as the marketing and communications landscape continues to evolve the role of data and analytics is of integral importance,” said Matt Oakley, global head of data and analytics.  “We have created a suite of client-centric products to support companies in every aspect of the marketing journey, whether that is uncovering key insights to precisely target your audience, identifying and integrating the best data sources to deliver true targeted digital marketing and ABM campaigns, or demonstrating measurable impact of activities to communications and marketing teams and their executive leadership.”

The new services will operate under Hotwire’s Global Growth Team, which was launched earlier this month with an eye on expanding offerings and driving global growth. Former North America co-president Laura Macdonald leads the team as chief growth officer.

“In today’s world, every organization is a data company. Trillions of megabytes of data is created every second and with that comes huge opportunity,” said Macdonald. “However, our experience shows us that without the right expertise this volume of data often leads to confusion and frustration, with businesses unable to obtain the visibility of the data they need, or find the insights to show the impact to the C-suite. That is where our data and analytics team at Hotwire comes in to deliver the most value for clients.”