SAN BRUNO — Mobile communications platform Dynamic Signal has announced the launch of SmartContent, an intelligent content feed, powered by IBM Watson's Artificial Intelligence technology. The new feature allows enterprise customers to efficiently curate and disseminate timely, relevant content, specifically tailored to employees across roles, geographies, and business units, increasing productivity and employee engagement. SmartContent is an intelligent content feed that searched the internet for relevant content based on topics and rules set up by a program administrator before it pushes articles to queue for approval and sends them to program members for consumption.

LOS ANGELES — Cerrell Associates and Gonzalez Strategic Affairs (GSA) have established a strategic partnership that aims to bring together two strong public affairs team while adding a new dynamic to Southern California political and comms consulting. Renamed Cerrell & Gonzalez, the new partnership offers clients advocacy in LA as each firm continues its independent paths as they work with their prior and future individually pursued clients. 

NEW YORK — DS Simon Media's new Brand Authenticity Survey found that making CEOs accessible to the media makes a brand appear more authentic, according to 74% of journalists surveyed. Additionally, the survey revealed that it pays for brands to have their CEOs active on social media and that third-party spokes people appeared to be the least authentic. The survey also revealed that 82% of reporters producers and bloggers get story ideas from social media. 

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Marketing and comms agency the Patient Experience Project (PEP) has launched PEPtrials, a patient-centric clinical trial recruitment and retention service. PEPtrials aims to tap into the power of patient engagement to locate hard-to-find patients, educate them with patient-friendly materials about the clinical study, and establish relations with patients, caregivers, and their communities. PEPtrials was inspired by the low rates of enrollment in clinical trials which hamper the testing of potentially promising new therapies.