NEW YORK — MDC Partners has launched an AI-driven platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched. PRophet’s proprietary technology samples millions of reporters’ stories spanning thousands of print media outlets by deploying a proprietary combination of natural language processing and machine learning technologies. The software was born out of MDC’s Ventures Inside program, developed by Stagwell Technology and spearheaded by KWT Global founder Aaron Kwittken (pictured) and MDC Partners CEO Mark Penn.

NEW YORK — Claire Kaye has launched a new beauty and lifestyle agency, called Pure Imagination PR. Kaye most recently was COO of Siren Public Relations. Agency clients include Vichy Laboratoires, Mustela and SUDDZfx.
ALEXANDRIA, VA — Full-service comms firm HudsonLake and visual communications firm Hudson Studio have merged to create a shop capable of managing multi-faceted initiatives. The firms have had a long-standing partnership. The new firm will operate as HudsonLake. 

NEW YORK, NY — Healthcare agency The Bloc has launched a medical communications practice area that merges deep scientific expertise with applied behavioral psychology research. The Bloc Science Foundry is designed to provide more effective medical communications work. The Foundry is built on the belief that communicating well is foundational to educating physicians about treatment advances.

SAN FRANCISCO — Brand analytics platform Tickr has launched a new service that helps brands gain awareness and control over how they are perceived politically. The Political Brand Index uses deep learning and natural language processing to determine the political biases of news & social feeds. Users can be alerted when there is a sudden spike in negative content, compare sentiment among left or right-leaning audiences and track the political topics that are most mentioned in relation to a brand.

DENVER — A Colorado company has launched a new platform designed to connect professionals in PR, marketing and journalism. The PR Loop was created to provide a better way for PR and marketing professionals to interact and share resources, as well as communicate directly with vetted journalists seeking subject matter experts and new story ideas.