BERLIN—Acquisitive Italian public relations firm SEC Relazioni Pubbliche e Istituzionali, has signed an agreement to acquire a 75 percent stake in Kohl Pr - und Partner, an independent company headquartered in Berlin.  

Formed in 1984, Kohl Pr was one of the first agencies in Germany to focus on political communications and is currently focused on areas includes issues and crisis management, public affairs and lobbying, with a turnover that will reach almost €1,5 million in 2015.

The acquisition builds on previous acquisitions, including a majority stake in Brussels-based public affairs firm Cambre, and public relations company ACH Cambre in Madrid. The Italian agency closed 2014 with revenue of more than €21 million.

Peter Rall will continue to manage Kohl as managing director and board member, supported by Erhard Shoewel, agency partner; Tom Parker, managing director of Cambre, who will take role of vice president; and SEC founder Fiorenzo Tagliabue as president.

Tagliabue (pictured) says Germany was selected because of the close economic relationship between the two markets.