LOS ANGELES — Ketchum has elevated the role influencers play in marketing plans by creating a council of individuals persuasive in the health and wellness space to advise companies on creating impactful connections with consumers.

The five-person council is tasked with sharing insights on topics that could sway marketing decisions, such as consumer mindsets and expectations, as well as emerging trends in the health and wellness business.

Members are individuals representing different segments of the health and wellness industry. They are: Joanne Encarnacion, a women’s wellness and life coach; Rebecca Garland, co-founder of Fit & Fly, which organizes women’s retreats; Jonathan Leary, a concierge wellness doctor; Amy Nobile, founder of the dating service Love, Amy; and Jennifer Walsh, founder of the brand Beauty Bar.

“It’s a big moment of opportunity for wellness brands, whether they are emerging or established brands,” said Christy Salcido, managing director of Ketchum’s wellness industry practice, adding that the insiders’ information influencers bring to the discussion is key in creating meaningful campaigns. “As communications experts we know that its critical to be authentic in your story and stand out —  and be relevant and stay relevant.”

Members of the health and wellness council will also be available to companies looking for feedback on campaigns, products or services. “It really will be a customized approach,” Salcido said.  “These experts have their fingers on the pulse of trends and insights and (companies) will be able to tap into that on an ongoing basis.”