BOSTON — Racepoint Global founder Larry Weber is back in charge at the firm, following the departure of Peter Prodromou less than two years after assuming the CEO role.

Weber did not get into the details surrounding Prodromou's departure from the company, but said it was "amicable."

"We just mutually decided that it would be better if he resigned," Weber said, adding that he and Prodromou had been discussing the change for awhile leading up to it. "Peter's a good guy. We just think it's better off this way."

Now that he's back in his old CEO job, Weber said he plans to "double down" on Racepoint's tech strategy. That includes helping larger enterprises (tech and non-tech alike) "compete for voice with the likes of Google ... and Apple using technology and innovation in their categories," he said.

Working on thought leadership and fostering purpose-driven business and marketing strategies (the subject of Weber's upcoming book) also are on tap, he said.

Weber, who founded the PR and marketing firm in 2004, had been acting as founder and chairman since relinquishing the CEO role for Prodromou, who at the time was Racepoint's president, in February 2017.

That move was billed as being part of a wider strategy to expand the agency's revenue and footprint over a five-year period. Racepoint has broadened its capabilities considerably since merging with sister firm Digital Influence Group (DIG) in 2013, and is a key component of Weber's W2 Group, billed as a "digital ecosystem of marketing services companies."

Prodromou has been part of Racepoint since it was set up, holding several roles including being the first head of the agency's Boston office, creating the public affairs offering in Washington, starting the country affairs practice and serving in the role of chief global accounts officer. He oversaw the integration with DIG and, under his leadership, the firm launched its FieldFacts tech platform and expanded its China footprint.

Before joining Racepoint, Prodromou worked with Weber at the Weber Group, which ultimately became Weber Shandwick.