BILLUND, DENMARK — Lego, which has spent the last 18 months rebounding from a major sales slump, has launched a multi-market PR agency review, the Holmes Report has learned.

Sources familiar with the review said Lego is focused on promoting the Lego brand — primarily those little plastic building bricks — and the creativity and ingenuity it inspires.

The toymaker, which produced its first interlocking brick 60 years ago, also produces an array of elaborate building sets, some based on franchises like Star Wars, and robotic and digital products. In addition, it has expanded into other modes of entertainment including movies and theme parks.

A Lego spokesperson offered no comment or specifics when asked about the review underway.  “We regularly review all supplier contracts as a standard business practice,” the rep said.

Lego has worked with a number of agencies, including Flashpoint PR in the US and Mischief in the UK. WE Communications also recently joined the company’s agency roster when Lego Education, which promotes hands-on STEAM education in the classroom, tapped the agency to handle its global comms duties.

The PR agency review comes as Lego Group takes a new global approach to some of its agency dealings as part of the company’s efforts to return to growth after weathering a tough 2017. That year saw it record its first drop in sales and profit in more than a decade, resulting in the loss of 1,400 jobs. Late that year, the company hired IPG’s Initiative as its global media agency of record.

Lego’s business has since been on the upswing, however, with the company returning to growth in 2018.