Social software maker Lithium has brought on Waggener Edstrom as the company integrates the newly-acquired Klout into its existing platforms.

Shortly after Lithium announced its acquisition of influence scoring platform Klout in March, the company’s newly-appointed VP of comms Eric Channing Brown embarked on a PR review.

“We had an agency geared towards B2B audiences for Lithium and one geared towards consumer for Klout — both agencies were good but we just weren’t big enough to have two agencies,” Brown says. Incumbents Bite (Lithium) and Sutherland Gold (Klout) were invited to pitch, along with DKC, Ogilvy PR, WagEd and, Brown’s firm during his stint at Skype, Kaplow Communications. During that time, Brown also worked WagEd via Microsoft (which owns Skype).

“Waggener Edstrom understood the full spectrum from B2B to consumer,” Brown says. “The other thing was the quality of their execution. Ideas can come from a lot of places — and WagEd brought those, but what really impressed me was the full-scale of capabilities.”

WagEd will focus on three media audiences — financial and business press to raise its profile on the funding front, the tech publications and the consumer press for the Klout brand. The agency’s scope of work also includes earned and sponsored content, strategy, analytics and paid social media.

“I’m shocked at the gap between Lithium’s commercial success and our market awareness,” Brown says. Among Lithium’s customers are Sephora, Best Buy, Virgin Atlantic, Telefonica and Verizon.

At Lithium’s LiNC conference in May, the company announced its roadmap for a “Shared Value Network” that gives brands a way to interact with consumers for purchases and loyalty and a way for consumers to share feedback with brands and each other — heavily based on the combined Lithium + Klout offering.

New products announced around this are “pop-up” communities that give marketers a chance to establish adjacent communities around a special event, promotion or new launch and Klout for Products that applies a scoring system to goods.

“Trust is key for who the new Lithium is and who we aspire to be,” Brown says. Lithium’s communities have 100 million users per month and Klout has about 600 million — but there’s likely overlap between those two groups.

The account will sit across WagEd’s technology and consumer teams.

“There’s an untold story here,” says Lisa Allen, GM of WagEd’s San Francisco office. “We do our best work within points of tension or inflection.” Featured image: Lithium's user profile for Sephora.