MADRID—Llorente & Cuenca has created a specialist European affairs practice, managed by José Isaías Rodríguez and designed to help European and Latin American clients manage their interests with European Union institutions and member states.

According to Rodríguez, “Europe’s rights and obligations policies have significant influence in business competitiveness both in European and international markets. Processes such as commercial agreement between European Union and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) or Free Trade Agreements subscribed by Latin-American countries and European Commission make increasingly more necessary to establish dialogue and interrelations mechanisms between European institutions and organizations and companies that operates in both regions.” 

Rodríguez began his career at CEOE, the Spanish Business Organizations Commission, as deputy manager of European Communities, and has been manager of CEOE’s office in Brussels for 25 years representing Spanish businesses interest in European institutions.

Rodríguez will work closely with Llorente & Cuenca’s existing public affairs practice headed by Joan Navarro, partner and vice-president.