CARDIFF — Lynn PR has rebranded as Lynn and added three new practices, as it eyes international expansion.

The 30-strong consultancy, which is headquartered in Wales, specialises in campaigns, behavioural science and anti-misinformation/disinformation strategy and research. It has now added three new dedicated practice areas: Lynn Health, Lynn Planet and Lynn Change.

CEO and Founder Shayoni Lynn told PRovoke Media that the consultancy wanted to use its scientific and strategic experience to help businesses, organisations and governments solve most complex challenges.

“We set up the business with a clear mission to improve and save lives using behavioural science and communications strategy and the three new practices are a critical piece in the jigsaw of our of growth,” she said.

“Lynn Health consolidates our work throughout the pandemic and demonstrates that we are challenging energy into reaching and engaging as many people as possible to access healthcare and improve their lives. The world’s biggest and most complex challenge is climate change: we believe it is an emergency and requires transformational change. Our dedicated Lynn Planet practice employs systems thinking, behavioural science communications approaches, misinformation strategy and looking at social justice and economics to deliver fresh insights to governments, organisations and businesses that will inspire, educate and persuade audiences to take action.

“I think we’ll see a lot of integration and ESG work between Lynn Planet and Lynn Change, our business transformation practice, which will use behavioural science, creativity and strategic communications to drive organisational change.”

Lynn said the business would be adding more new practice areas in the future, and was already looking at expanding beyond the UK from 2023: “We’ve seen the impact our approach has had in the UK, and our vision over the next few years is to have an international presence in key markets – we’re looking at the US and India – and we’re working towards that now.”

The consultancy's clients include local government, civil service and NHS organisations, as well as The Jockey Club and ride-hailing start-up Wystle. In recent weeks, Lynn – shortlisted for PRovoke Media’s digital agency of the year award – has also been involved with countering Russian disinformation to support the war effort in Ukraine.

Lynn’s advisory board includes big agency veterans David Gallagher (ex-Omnicom) , Stephen Waddington (ex-Ketchum), and Andy West (ex-Hotwire). Gallagher said: “Lynn has come a long way in a short space of time and already has a world-leading offering. By combining its expertise in behavioural science and misinformation strategy to tackle issues related to health, sustainability, and purpose, Lynn is able to provide clients with counterintuitive and creative solutions to deliver behaviour change for good.”