Seven in ten (71 percent) online consumers in 24 countries indicate that in the past month, they have shared some type of content on social media sites, according to a new poll of 18,150 respondents conducted by Ipsos OTX.

The most popular shared item found in the poll is pictures, as four in ten (43 percent) indicate they have shared pictures online in the past month. Following next are: “my opinion” (26 percent); a “status update of what/how I’m doing” (26 percent); “links to articles” (26 percent); “something I like or recommend, such as a product, service, movie, book,”(25 percent); “news items” (22 percent); “links to other websites” (21 percent); “video clips” (17 percent): and more.

Of the online consumers, those from Turkey (93 percent) are most likely to indicate they have shared any content online in the past month, followed by Mexico (89 percent), Brazil (88 percent), India (88 percent), Indonesia (88 percent), Argentina (86 percent), South Africa (86 percent) and China (85 percent).

Lower levels of sharing were found in Australia (63 percent), Belgium (62 percent), the United States (60 percent), Canada (59 percent), Great Britain (58 percent), France (49 percent), Germany (44 percent) and Japan (30 percent).

As for demographics, global averages indicated that those under the age of 35 (81 percent) are most likely to share any type of content on social media sites, in particular when compared with those aged 35 to 49 (69 percent) and those 50 to 64 (55 percent). Women (74 percent) appear somewhat more likely than men (69 percent) to have shared some content in the past month.