MakerBot has brought on a mixed team of Ketchum and its subsidiary Access Communications as its first PR agency, just as the 3-D printer maker is aiming to go mainstream with its new Replicator Mini.

The Brooklyn-based subsidiary of Stratasys has been looking for a New York-based firm with a global remit for several months. Now with its entry-level 3-D printer hitting the market, some expect the technology to finally move closer towards the ubiquity of its 2-D counterpart.

“You want a personality match and at our heart and soul we’re still a young company,” MakerBot’s PR director Jenifer Howard told the Holmes Report about the search last month. She confirmed the selection of a Ketchum and Access. Howard is the company’s sole PR practitioner with the bulk of the company’s recent uptick in marketing spend going towards marketing.

On the agency side, while MakerBot was initially a Ketchum lead, the firm called upon the technology experience of its subsidiary to make it a joint pitch. The remit calls for positioning MakerBot inside business press, verticals like architecture and engineering outlets, tech media as well as among tech and creative influencers who could become evangelists for the technology.