PHOENIX — BMC Software's former communications head Mark Stouse has launched an analytics platform intended to measure the business impact of marketing and communications efforts.

The software platform — called Proof — looks to compute business impact, including the time lag and the cause and effect of various activities over extended periods of time.

The software works by inputting marketing and sales data (along with other inputs across the business) to show what's impacting business performance, such as sales productivity, customer confidence and trust, employee retention and morale, among other areas.

Proof works with a customer’s existing data – including financial, marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM, advertising, web, social, communities, and influencer measurement – to gauge the impact of each part of the marketing mix on a range of tactical, operational, audience and business outcomes.

According to Stouse, the software can, for instance, decipher how long it will take for an investment in media relations to impact sales, enabling a marketing team to predict different parts of the marketing mix much more effectively.

“Our collaboration with business leaders was crucial to our success as we built this system and later this software platform,” said Kyle Brantley, a Proof co-founder who leads product management and customer support. “We have worked with Fortune 1000 executives of every stripe because we knew that whatever we created had to work for them in order to be relevant and worthwhile.”

LDWW Group is a Proof investor and a partner, Fifth Ring, a marketing agency in the energy space plans to offer Proof to its clients. Other PR agency customers include the W2O Group and Michael Young's new firm Actual.