MIAMI— Jeanniey Mullen, global CMO of Mercer, and Tadashi Matsushita, VP of strategic planning of All Nippon Airways, have joined the lineup of speakers at PRovoke17, the Global Public Relations Summit, to discuss “Navigating Change in a New Reality."

Given the unprecedented level of change in our world — disruption has almost become the norm, meanwhile speed and agility are the means of survival. The "Navigating Change in a New Reality" session, moderated by H+K US president Erin Gentry, tackles the modern reality head-on with insights from Mullen and Matsushita. H+K US CEO Alexander Jutkowitz will lay the groundwork on today's reality, which goes beyond the aftershocks from Trump and Brexit, and also addresses the breakneck speed of technology and the increasing demands for trust and authenticity. 

Mullen's role at Mercer is focused on delivering revenue growth and brand power by enabling a digital transformation, in addition to organizing and managing multi-functional, powerful teams. Matsushita has challenged industry conventions and initiated the discussion for the corporate side on the Open Skies policy in Japan. He also played a significant role in establishing ANA’s strategic base in Hong Kong and expanding its business across Asia.

Meanwhile, Gentry — who is also the firm's global head of client services —  is responsible for establishing relationships built on trust with H+K's client leaders with a mindset toward problem solving, encouraging growth and presenting new ideas, tools and innovative strategies.

They join a lineup of speakers that includes noted documentarian Lynn Novick exploring storytelling lessons learned from her long-running collaboration with Ken Burns; neuroscientist Tali Sharot on why facts don’t unite us, at a time when fake news is apparently endemic; and Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema discussing how companies with good products can take greater stands in society.

Tickets for the event are available at our dedicated website.