SAN FRANCISCO — Mission North has launched a corporate reputation practice aimed at helping growing science and tech companies prepare for the range of challenges that could damage their standing in the future.

The new practice will be led by senior VP Rachael Cassidy, a five-year veteran of Mission North (formerly the Bateman Group) along with co-CEO Bill Bourdon and senior VP Melissa Musiker.

Offerings include strategic advisory and communications services across corporate social impact programs, crisis and complex issues management, cyber incident preparedness and response, IPO and M&A transactions, and DE&I for companies of all sizes.

The practice will primarily serve companies that are transitioning into market leaders or positioning themselves for IPO or acquisition; established brands looking to secure their market positions and maintain trust with stakeholders; and start-ups in high reputational risk industries such as life sciences, finance, transportation and data services.

"We're codifying what Mission North has been doing for our clients for almost 20 years — helping them build brand trust and resiliency at every stage of growth," said Bourdon. "The difference in 2021 is that we've entered a new era of accountability, and it's no longer viable for companies to actively manage their reputation after they go public or experience a major crisis. Embracing a proactive and preemptive mindset around brand reputation early on doesn't only condition the right communications with different stakeholders, it fundamentally shapes more resilient corporate behavior."

Mission North is the second agency to launch a reputational practice this month: Outcast has also announced the formation of its reputation management group, led by Amanda Duckworth.