Relationships are tricky, and those between brands and consumers are no exception. In this conversation, Diana Marszalek speaks with P&G Ventures communications head Lauren Thaman and imre executive creative director Patrick “Sully” Sullivan about the complexities of striking the right tone in consumer communications, particularly at a time when people want greater corporate purpose but also are seeking a break from it all.

The discussion, in partnership with imre, is part of a series on the intricacies of creating successful PR campaigns. With more information and interactions than ever, we explore the merits of data and social connections, but not at the expense of PR professionals well-versed in navigating brands’ relationships with their audiences.

Topics covered: 
00:55 What is brand belief? 
02:20 The brand belief discovery process 
05:29 Balancing brand purpose with brand levity 
09:43 Defining the creative process 
14:01 Working with entrepreneurs on the creative process
16:56 Creativity across disciplines 
19:48 How 'being cancelled' can be a win
22:38 How do you measure creativity