Corporations are increasingly adopting blogs for both internal and external communications in order to improve relations with customers as well as overall business processes according to a new study by research company Guidewire Group and iUpload, a content management and corporate blogging software company.

Corporations of all sizes and across a wide array of industries are adopting blogging technologies and practices: 89 percent of respondents are either blogging now or are planning to blog. And corporate adoption of blogging is entering its “hyper-growth” phase: more than 50 percent of respondents have launched one or more blogs in the last year.

Adoption is being driven by business benefits, including improved internal communications (cited by 77.4 percent of respondents) and improved brand recognition (78 percent).

Barriers to adoption exist, but they are limited in scope compared to other emerging technologies, and are not significantly related to technology issues themselves.  Of corporations that do not yet blog, 57 percent say they are unsure of the benefits, whereas 42 percent of those who do blog say that maintaining enthusiasm for the blog deployment is the largest barrier to success.