NEW YORK, July 17—Investor relations specialist Morgen-Walke Associates has been renamed FD Morgen-Walke and will become part of the newly-created FD International Network, which includes London-based sister company Financial Dynamics.
According to Morgen-Walke chief executive Bob Jones, “Other than a name change, our operations in the U.S. will remain the same. We are still a leading business communications agency representing growth companies in key sectors including retail/consumer, life sciences, technology and telecom, basic industry, and bsiness services.
“However, as a member of FD International, we will be better positioned to meet the increasing needs of our clients for premium strategic communications advice across multiple marketplaces. To complement our existing offices in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Dallas, we will now have a significant presence throughout Europe, including offices in London, Paris, Milan and Frankfurt.”
The announcement is the culmination of two years of cooperation between Morgen-Walke and Financial Dynamics, both of which are owned by Cordiant.
The deal will give the two firms and expanded trans-Atlantic capability, particularly useful at a time when companies are increasingly seeking capital from overseas as well as domestic markets, as well as expanded mergers and acquisitions capabilities. FD is a leader in the M&A market in Europe, and Morgen-Walke has been building its own capabilities. The two firms now hope to be able to handle cross-border transactions.
To demonstrate the need for more global investor relations initiatives, FD International also released a survey of 450 U.S. fund managers who invest in European companies. Among the findings:

        67 percent of fund managers still believe that European companies are less financially transparent than their U.S. counterparts.

        50 percent of fund managers believe that European companies do not provide adequate earnings guidance.

        65 percent of fund managers want European companies to report at least a reconciliation to US GAAP.

        90 percent of fund managers want European companies to visit the U.S. at least twice a year.
According to FD International chief executive Charles Watson, “The opportunity for European companies to access the U.S. investment market, the largest in the world, has never been greater. Yet there remain key differences in approach between the two markets. Our global investor relations offer was created to address these differences. FD International’s understanding of European companies and U.S. investors puts us in an ideal position to assist our clients in diversifying their shareholder base and raising their visibility in international markets.”