LONDON, March 12—Manning Selvage & Lee has launched i to i research, which will provide standardized evaluation services for measuring communications programs. Claire Spencer, architect and chief developer of the company’s i to i tracker product will become managing director of the company. i to i research will operate as a separate business of Manning, Selvage & Lee.
i to i tracker uses research to move beyond the outputs of PR activity such as media coverage to track the impact and influence of public relations on its target audience. It determines the extent to which communication reaches, and is recalled by, its target audience and whether it sparks the desired reaction in them. It also allows an organization to identify the critical success factors for a PR campaign and thereby create a powerful planning tool and effective benchmarking mechanism.
According to Deborah Cutler, head of brand development and acquisitions at client cahoot, “i to i tracker has helped us understand, and quantify, the contribution public relations is making to our overall marketing effort, over and above message delivery.”
Spencer began her career in advertising and joined the public relations industry in 1990 as partner and managing director of Handel Communications, which merged with MS&L in 1997.
“From the early days of advertising measurement, the need to define and assess value for a campaign has been top of mind for all marketers,” said Spencer.  “The mission of i to i research is to continue the advancement of processes, including i to i tracker, that will definitively measure the power of communications.”