NEW YORK — MSL has taken its US partnership with Onclusive global, making the company’s PR analytics service available to parent company Publicis Groupe clients around the world.

MSL has worked for roughly two years with Onclusive, whose insights technology, called PR Attribution, is notable in that it links individual articles and pieces of content to specific business outcomes, allowing for more precise PR analytics, MSL said.  In turn, takeaways could include the likes of which stories drive brand value, or what topics and headlines motivate consumers to act.

“We’re able to demonstrate that not only can PR drive awareness, but all the way to consumers taking action,” said Bryan Pedersen, MSL US’s chief innovation officer. “The science and data is invaluable and helps elevate communications to the same level of sophistication and measurement of digital marketing.”

PR Attribution also shows the total volume of company website visits from earned and owned media; specific website interactions that are driven by individual pieces of content; projected revenue impact of individual pieces of content; and trended statistics by communications campaign, message or topic.

“For years, the PR industry had relied on metrics that only tell part of the story. Simple quantity metrics like article count and impressions can sound impressive when the volumes are large. But those metrics don't communicate the real quality of earned media, and they certainly don't convey its impact to a company's bottom line,” Pedersen said.

“Onclusive invented PR Attribution to help communications teams connect their content to actual business outcomes, like sales, new accounts or requests-for-information so they can optimize their strategy and improve performance. And of course, we see PR Attribution as a way for the communications industry to finally get credit it deserves for being a business growth driver.”