The industry’s focus on content has evolved into PR firms looking more closely at distribution channels. Social media certainly isn’t a new way to distribute a brand’s content, but the challenge for many brands has been enlisting people to share this content so it lives outside of a brand’s own platforms.

A new bundled service from the MSLGroup makes it easier for organizations to enlist their employees as content disseminators. Employee Impact is being rolled out publicly after a two-month pilot that involved 200 of the firm’s 3500 employees. The firms plans to have its entire global workforce on the platform by Q1 2015.

“We wanted to use it for ourselves first and put an emphasis on really understanding how the technology is best used,” says Brian Burgess, global director of MSLGroup’s Employee Practice division.

The technology aggregates all of an organization’s public-facing content — from various channels — onto one platform. Employees can sign onto the platform and with “one-click” share the content on their own social networks. The content is pre-populated with hashtags and other amplification tools. It’s a bundled service because it comes with strategic counsel and content help.

“The types of clients who will benefit most from this are organizations with a strong retail presence where employees have a great opportunity to shape the experience of a brand,” Burgress. “Or companies with a large salesforce, those that are very customer service-oriented or professional services that want to share thought-leadership.”

More fundamentally, the organizations that will benefit most from this would have workforces engaged enough to willingly share their employer’s content across their personal social networks. To incentive this, the platform includes a leaderboard and ways for the organizations to reward sharing.

MSLGroup partnered with Dynamic Signal to develop the platform.