LONDON—MSLGroup UK CEO Jeremy Sice is to step down, with the firm promoting two executives to lead the largest office in its network.

Jason Frank and James Parsons, who previously held the CMO and COO roles, respectively, take over leadership of the UK business, one year after MSL London was merged with sister firm SAS.

Frank and Parsons, like Sice, both hail from the SAS side of the business, where they were previously joint MDs. 

Sice departs after co-founding SAS in 1989. The design firm was sold to Publicis Consultants in 2007, before becoming part of the MSLGroup network.

“There are no two better people to lead MSLGROUP in the UK than Jason Frank and James Parsons”, said Anders Kempe, MSLGroup EMEA president.

“They are both proven leaders with a great business vision and the ability to bring people together. Their vision for how we can be an even more important business partner to our clients and to develop our offering is exactly what MSLGroup needs as the company enters a new chapter of aligned offering and expanded growth.”

In addition, James Warren, who joined MSLGroup as digital head earlier this year, joins the UK executive board. Kelly Walsh, who previously led MSL London, remains chief strategy officer.