NEW YORK — MWWPR has taken the mystery out of what those letters in its name stand for by adopting a new moniker, MikeWorldWide.

The new identity is a nod to founder and CEO Michael Kempner — the Mike in MikeWorldWide — and a reflection of the 34-year-old firm’s evolution from a one-man operation to the business with offices across the US and UK it is today. Kempner had never previously gone public with what the original MWW referred to.

The rebranding also comes on the heels of a most challenging 2020, during which the agency took stock of where it’s at — and where it aims to be heading, Kempner said.

“This past year of rolling crisis culture marked by disinformation, social injustice and inequality has shown us the seismic shifts in what people care about, how they receive and process key messages, and the role communications must play in creating meaningful change. The rise of the `CorpSumer,’ or values-based consumer, is clear evidence that caring is more than an emotion, it is the most valuable currency a company or a brand can use to reach its business goals."

MWW’s recent focus has included improving its digital capabilities, resulting in December’s acquisition of Everywhere Agency, an influencer and social media firm, and the 2018 purchase of digital marketing agency Search Interactions.

MWWPR reported a fee income of $42.7 million in 2019, according to PRovoke Media’s Global Agency Rankings.

Said Kempner: “While the things people care about and those expressions have changed drastically, the fundamental human behavior is more prominent than ever, transcending personal beliefs to dictate business decisions, stakeholder behavior and above all, compel action. Caring is the most powerful emotion we have, and that power to drive action and change—whether it be purchasing, advocating, or brand or employee engagement—is the ultimate measure of successful communications."