BROOKLYN, NY — Praytell is launching a new practice designed to help brands promote diversity, equity and inclusion both internally and in the range of dealings with the public.

“It’s clear we’ve reached a turning point. 2020 will be remembered for broadly layered activism amidst a pandemic and a focus on long overdue accountability for institutions small and large,” agency founder Andy Pray wrote in a post. “It’s clear that brand approaches to eiversity, equity and inclusion require a stronger, more intentional and transparent lens.”

The people, culture and allyship practice aims to help brands define their role in the current racial justice movement, and follow through with actions and communications aligned with it, bringing in multicultural experts, artists and activists for a top-to-bottom assessment and plan.

The group will be led by Praytell’s diversity, equity and inclusion lead Naria Frazer (pictured) and account strategy VP of account Stefan Embry, who will work with talent from across the agency.  Praytell is donating 15% of net proceeds from all allyship work to support the Black Visions Collective and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

“Brands and other institutions can no longer take from cultures without accountability, check the box on diversity without true equity or take a stand now without reflection of past behavior,” Pray said. “Marketers and communicators play an essential role in guiding corporations and brands with an evolving mandate on trust, consistency and impact.”