NEW YORK, July 22—Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is joining forces with a handful of sister companies from around the WPP Group network to launch Consume, a global food, beverage, and nutrition group. Consume will draw on the expertise of WPP subsidiaries The Food Group, The Geppetto Group, The Market Segment Group, Enterprise IG and The Store.
Consume will offer clients “all the critical disciplines relevant to marketing a brand effectively in today’s increasingly competitive environment,” according to Ogilvy. Services will include public relations, advertising, food consultancy, package design, collateral design, brand identity, segmented research and retail consultancy. The group will also have expertise in reaching niche markets such as the Hispanic community, African-American teens, and mainstream tweens.
According to Ogilvy chairman and CEO Bob Seltzer, “The catalyst for bringing these brands together is to serve the specialized needs of today’s food, beverage and nutrition companies. Companies recognize they need partners who are intimately familiar with their industry, their niches and their diverse audiences, not to mention one another.
“We believe there are great synergies among these brands that ultimately deliver a simplified, non-competitive and collaborative mix of partners who can speak from a common platform.” 
Ogilvy PR’s marketing practice, which has developed a brand building approach it calls Brand Bonding,  has experience in the food and beverage sector that includes working on brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Hershey’s, Celestial Seasonings, Minute Maid and Dry Creek Nutrition. 
“Food and beverage marketing has never been as competitive for the consumer’s attention and loyalty,” said Mark Curran, managing director of global marketing practice. “To connect with consumers and build brand loyalties, we must go beyond traditional marketing public relations. Consume represents a new model to maximize point of contact and influence with consumers.”
Dean Trevelino, an executive vice president based in Atlanta, will lead the Consume effort for Ogilvy. Trevelino’s experience base includes client-led roles for brands such as Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, Chick-fil-A and Sara Lee Corporation.
Among the other partners, The Food Group is a leading food consultancy that provides creative marketing and culinary services, including menu development and sales training; The Geppetto Group specializes in reaching kids and teens; The Market Segment Group provides analysis of the ever-changing multicultural markets; The Store specializes in shopping and retail trends; and Enterprise IG is a leader in brand strategy and package design.