ICCO’s new quarterly Trends Barometer has plenty of worthy stats about how PR agency heads from 21 countries are forecasting growth in the industry. What caught my eye, though, was its question about Twitter use among these agency heads. 42 percent tweet regularly, while 24 percent do not use Twitter at all. A hefty 34 percent, meanwhile, claim to have a personal Twitter account they do not monitor - I guess the bandwagon was a little uncomfortable? Elsewhere, the majority (54 percent) of consultancy heads believe clients have “mixed views” as to which comms discipline ‘owns’ social media. 27 percent feel clients view social media as part of PR activity; 19 percent, however, say the opposite. More heartening are the responses on revenue growth. Almost three-quarters of PR agency heads predict continued fee growth in Q3 of this year, while 26 percent expect fee levels to remain stable.