LUXEMBOURG--Grayling is to handle more global assignments from PayPal, following a review of the company's PR duties in EMEA.

The move follows PayPal's hire of Lee Brooke as EMEA comms head, revealed earlier this year by the Holmes Report

Prior to Brooke's arrival, PayPal global communications head Christina Smedley commenced a review of the e-commerce company's PR requirements in continental Europe and the Middle East - markets which are largely split between Grayling and Text 100.

The UK, handled by Edelman, was not included in the process. The EMEA review followed PayPal's hire of MSLGroup to handle North American comms duties earlier this year.

Brooke told the Holmes Report that Grayling has been tasked with supporting specific global projects. He added that Text 100 remains on PayPal's roster and would continue to be considered for specific local market work.

Brooke also noted that he would continue to review the company's overall PR operations before making any decision on the consolidation of EMEA PR duties.