WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) has retained the Washington, D.C., office of Edelman Public Relations Wolrdwide to explain what its member companies are doing to combat the threat of bioterrorism.
According to PhRMA vice president for public affairs Chris Molineaux, Edelman will develop new PR materials, including brochures and possibly a special bioterrorism website, to help position the pharmaceutical industry as a “leading source of information to the public.”
PhRMA recently established an emergency-preparedness task force composed of about a dozen member company chief executives, which met earlier this month with Health & Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. In addition, PhRMA has hired Dr. Michael Friedman, former acting commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration, as its chief medical officer for biomedical preparedness.
PhRMA president Alan Holmer says be believes there is an “overwhelming desire” among industry executives to help the country at this time.
“As we mobilized to meet the needs of the country for penicillin in World War II, and as we make great strides in the war against cancer and AIDS, the pharmaceutical industry is committed to helping America meet its current public health challenge and to prepare for future challenges,” Holmer said. “The pharmaceutical industry has made a commitment to the nation to be a partner with the federal government in all efforts to address the country's health needs.”
BSMG Worldwide continues to handle the industry’s overall image campaign.