LONDON--A new study claims that the UK PR industry continues to overlook global broadcast media in favour of print and online channels.

The Global Broadcast Landscape report, produced by broadcast PR consultancy Markettiers4dc, polled an 'Influencers Index' of more than 100 comms professionals, finding that just 13 percent of their PR budgets are devoted to TV.

That figure, says Markettiers4dc, comes despite 'huge growth' in TV opportunties, thanks to the expansion of global news channels that has created a 'new broadcasting order.'

In addition to traditionally strong broadcasters such as BBC and CNN, the report notes the rise of global TV channels from less developed markets, including Al Jazeera, CCTV, Al-Arabiya and Russia Today.

 "There's no doubting YouTube's global footprint and, yes, it provides huge efficiencies, but is it really as powerful as powerful as delivering coverage across mainstream TV channels," asks Markettiers4dc chairman Howard Kosky in the report.

Despite the low proportion of budget devoted to TV, which compares to 31 percent for print and 27 percent for online, 41 percent of respondents from across the brand and agency spectrum claimed that securing international broadcast coverage is "very important."