SAN FRANCISCO—Racepoint Group, the global public relations subsidiary of Larry Weber’s W2 Group, has released of Racepoint 440, a new micro campaign offering created for small and emerging companies with specific short-term goals.

Named after the quarter mile sprint, Racepoint 440 implements a tailored “sprint campaign” structure around its core strategies:
• Implement a targeted social media relations campaign geared towards influencers in niche regions and industries
• Build a local visibility program involving regular networking, event participation, awards and op-ed/byline contributions
• Support overall marketing functions with an engaging social media program to get in front of appropriate audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other channels
• Build specialized, lean, teams that know your market and are ready to make a difference
• Leverage all the cool stuff the company is doing to keep the conversation going

According to RJ Bardsley, Racepoint Group’s senior vice president and Racepoint 440 lead, “Small companies need to move faster than ever to make their mark. It’s not always important to reach every audience—sometimes it’s important to reach a targeted demographic, geographic area or influencer group.”