BOSTON—Racepoint Group has launched FieldFacts, a new campaign management approach that draws on a combination of technology and human intelligence to target influencers and key opinion leaders.

FieldFacts is both a database of national influencers with the broadest footprint across all forms of media and subject matter experts in local or segmented markets, and a methodology to reach and influence them. It identifies and measures the reach and impact of influencers in print, broadcast and social channels, providing clients with a balanced scorecard for those influencers most essential to their campaigns.

FieldFacts is industry-agnostic and can be used for public relations, government relations and public affairs programs.

According to Peter Prodromou, chief global accounts officer, Racepoint Group, “Looking at a specific reporter, we can determine that she maintains a conversation among and about the sources that influence her interests, points of view and coverage—her ‘ecosystem of influence. FieldFacts provides both complex and specific profiling, which helps Racepoint Group identify and fully understand how she and others operate within their individual ecosystems.”