PORTSMOUTH, March 18—Public relations measurement veteran Katie Delahaye Paine, who earlier this year stepped down as president of Delahaye Medialink, is launched a new company, KDPaine & Partners, which will provide measurement advice and consulting to marketers and communicators in a broad range of industries.
KDPaine & Partners will use its website (www.measuresofsuccess.com) and a newsletter, The Measurement Standard, to provide information and resources to PR and marketing managers in small and medium sized businesses, government agencies, and non-profits, for whom tracking and measuring success has traditionally been too expensive. 
“We want to make measurement broadly appealing, understandable and affordable,” says Paine. “My goal is to make sure that every marketer, corporate communicator or public relations professional anywhere in the world has the tools and knowledge to measure his or her results accurately, and knows how
to use those results to make better business decisions.”
Paine worked in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, and later launched The Delahaye Group in 1987. The company was sold to Medialink in 1999. She currently serves as chair of the Institute for Public Relations Commission on Research and Evaluation.
The web site will offer an interactive “Dashboard Development” system that helps organizations identify the key business measures of their success. “Organizations increasingly are using  ‘dashboards’ as tools to define and monitor the four or five critical pieces of data needed to run the business,” says Paine. “Traditionally, it’s been far more difficult for marketers and communications professionals to define those numbers. That’s where the website comes in.
“We walk users through a simple, friendly wizard that helps them identify and prioritize their communications objectives and define their key issues. We deliver a customized ‘Dashboard’ that they can implement themselves. Alternatively, if they want to hire a research partner, they can go to our ‘Resources’ page where we can steer them towards the right source to get their measurement system up and running.”
The firm will operate internationally. Paine says she plans to launch a Spanish-language version of the website next week, and French, German and Japanese versions are planned.