Ad tech startup Resonate has hired Bird PR as it expands beyond issues advocacy into brand marketing. Its growth comes on the back of $22 million in series B funding it secured last year from former AOL exec Steve Case’s fund Revolution.

The startup takes a hybrid approach to audience targeting that involves combining behavioral data with survey research of more than 200k respondents per year.  This data informs machine learning models that allow for delivery of online media based on values, beliefs and preferences, in addition to demographic filters.

“Our change the world idea is that businesses can sell products and services -- not based on what the marketer thinks an individual cares about but what they really do care about,” said Marc Johnson, Resonate’s CMO.

While the technology is geared towards advertising, its niche is becoming more relevant to PR. For instance, Dan Horowitz, EVP/senior partner at FleishmanHillard, uses Resonate as part of integrated advocacy and reputation programs.

“If we’re working on an issue and looking to reach swing voters who prioritize the environment over jobs -- we use their technology,” said Horowitz. The technology can also be applied to learn more about the types of people being drawn to an organization’s website.

“Are you attracting your opponents? There’s an assumption that people coming to your site are persuadable,” he added.

Bird PR began its work on the 100-person startup last month.