NEW YORK and LONDON—The deadline for entries into the world’s largest public relations awards competition is now less than a month away.

The SABRE Awards are now accepting entries as the search begins to identify the world’s best public relations programs from 2012. Entry forms form both the Americas and EMEA are available for download at our website, and include all the information required for entry, including a complete list of categories (covering multiple practice areas, industry sectors, and forms of creative content) and tips for winning entries.

One particular focus this year, is on evaluation that matches the standards set by the Association for Measurement & Evaluation of Communications (AMEC), which means that the most successful award submissions will show the effect of your PR efforts on business results.

Among the AMEC standards:
1. Ensure that your program/campaign has clearly stated and measurable objectives. Objectives should be as quantitative as possible and address who, what, when, and how much the PR program is intended to affect;
2. Confirm the metrics for success link back to those objectives. Outcome metrics are preferred to outputs: outcomes include shifts in awareness, comprehension, attitude and behavior related to purchase, donations, brand equity, corporate reputation, employee engagement, public policy, investment decisions and other shifts in target audiences regarding a company, NGO, government or entity.
3. Focus media measurement on both quantitative and qualitative measures. Quality measures may include: tone, message delivery, presence of 3rd party endorsers or company representative; prominence and relevance of the medium to the target audience or stakeholder(s);
4. Integrate traditional media and social media analytics.

The early deadline for the Americas is Monday December 17, 2012. For the EMEA region, entries should reach us by Friday, December 21, 2012. Late deadlines are available to entrants in both regions for an additional fee.