NEW YORK and LONDON—The final deadline for entries in the 2015 SABRE Awards in North America and Europe is Friday, 23 January 2015.

The competition, which recognizes Superior Achievement In Branding, Reputation and Engagement, attracted more than 2,000 entries in each region last year, making it the world’s largest competition for public relations programming.

“At a time when public relations firms are competing with advertising agencies, digital and social media specialist, and even management consultancies for a central role in brand-building and reputation management, it is essential for the industry to showcase its best work, to prove that it can deliver real business results by helping companies connect with their consumers and other key stakeholders,” says Paul Holmes, CEO of The Holmes Group and chair of the SABRE judges.

The competition recognizes campaigns that are creative, courageous and—most important—critical to their organizations’ success.

Judges are drawn from leading global public relations agencies, leading independent public relations firms, and some of the world’s largest corporations.

Full details of the awards—including a list of categories—can be found here.