CHICAGO – Salient Global has acquired data technology company ICX Media, the data-focused communications firm’s second acquisition since December.

ICX brings to the deal proprietary technology and algorithms used in creating “Rich Profiles” marketers use to pinpoint target audiences. ICX currently has nearly 100 million of those profiles, which include demographic, psychographic, sentiment, interest, online behavior and cultural information.

“We are building a solution set that not only helps CMOs and CCOs securely manage their data, but also enriches it to make it truly actionable for growth,” said Salient founder and CEO Bryan Specht, the former ICF Next leader who launched the firm in October.

The acquisition comes less than a month after Salient purchased timecraft, which works with senior marketers on honing their strategies using data science. Salient also started Honeymoon, a new earned creative agency run by Josh Lohrius and Jaclyn Johnston.

The moves are in keeping with Salient’s model of pursuing acquisitions and partnering with specialist agencies as a means of expanding its offerings, which include data advisory services and a suite of proprietary next-gen data products, called Salient Synapse. Other partners include Absolunet (eCommerce), Clout (DE&I & PR) and Scale Marketing (performance marketing).